Touch scape

This body of work draws upon the materiality of clay to explore states of flux and growth. Pieces rise from the ground, shifting, morphing and reaching; engaging the viewer with their human scale. They are a terrain of the body, of the landscape, of touch, of memory. 

The Royal College of Art, London, 2018

G l a z e

"G l a z e is a performative gift shop / installation for a non-existent ceramic exhibition. It runs over two afternoons at 44 Ashdown Crescent, Kentish Town. Inspired by a review for a fictional solo ceramic exhibition, 'Glazed / Fired / Crumbling' from Dr Catherine Spencer of the University of St Andrews, a group of artists have created objects for the exhibition's exclusive gift shop. There will be limited edition collectables, stationery, festive items and an extortionately priced tearoom. Over the course of the two events the installation shall be dismantled: objects will be sold or given away, or lent out for a short while. There will also be select performances on both 22 and 29 December.
The works presented at Glaze rest in a tentative space, somewhere between exhibition and commercial, drawing attention to the fragility of the relation between them. The works on show are original pieces, displayed and sold as if copies of originals. Submitted works include test pieces for previous exhibitions, experimentation, film, prints, ceramics edible wrapping paper and other responses to the review. Highly poetic and somewhat strange, this show raises questions about ways in which we commodify and consume."

Isobel Atacus

London, 2017